"Transportation Issues Daily" Recap of UK Minister, Greg Barker's Remarks



Larry Ehl of Transportation Issues Daily summarizes Mr. Greg Barker’s remarks from last week’s breakfast for us in his recent post, Conservative Politician Describes Fight Against Climate Change and Skeptics.

Mr. Barker was on a tour of the West Coast to share the UK fight against climate change and to learn about the innovative ways western communities are addressing the issue. On top of taking the time to speak with us, he signed a Joint Declaration to Strengthen Partnership in Combating Climate Change with Washington Governor Jay Inslee. UNC WA DECC Joint Statement on Collaboration (2) (PDF)

“We think we can address climate change in an ambitious way without out harming our economy,” Barker said of his colleagues. So in 2008 the conservative government led an initiative that resulted in bipartisan approval of legislation to reduce emissions to 80% of 1990s level by the year 2050. In just five years emissions have been reduced by 26% – and yet Britain survives.

In fact, “green business” has accounted for about one third of the UK’s recent economic growth — increasing 5% per year, according to Barker. He noted that low regulation and targeted tax rates that have been important for green innovation and business. In particular, the government has fostered policies and regulations to help disruptive and small businesses Barker noted that big business has bought in as well, and partnered with the government on initiatives.

Barker commented that we need ground up, community-based solutions to climate issues. There is no amount of government funding that can solve the [climate] problems.

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