Introducing Denis Hayes, keynote speaker at WCTA's Second Annual Meeting

Denis Hayes 2

April 22nd 1970. It was the first Earth Day organized by environmental icon and Washingtonian, Denis Hayes. Twenty million Americans hit the streets to raise awareness for environmental issues that had long been considered things of no great political consequence, launching the modern environmental movement. The passage of groundbreaking environmental laws followed and Earth Day grew into the largest civic observance in the world with a lasting impact on public conscious

As president of the Bullitt Foundation, attorney, lobbyist, Stanford professor, grassroots organizer, and the youngest director of a national laboratory in the nation’s history, Hayes has spent much of his life fighting for a cleaner world.

Now, with the completion of the Bullitt Center, the greenest commercial building in America, Hayes has fulfilled one of his life-long dreams. Even still, he is working to influence the world to embrace a very broad vision of sustainability and humanity.

Reserve your company’s table at the WCTA Second Annual Meeting to hear remarks from Mr. Hayes about the cleantech movement today. Philosopher Eric Hoffer wrote in 1967 that, “every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business and eventually degenerates in a racket.” Cleantech, which is it now and where is it going?