WSU soil scientist connects soil, biosolids & sustainability

Craig-CoggerDr. Craig Cogger dishes the dirt: soil is a world teeming with billions of microorganisms and a carbon pool with the capacity to help us fight climate change.

Dr. Craig Cogger is an Extension Soil Scientist and Soil Scientist at Washington State University in Puyallup. He conducts research in sustainable use of organic materials (biosolids, compost, yard debris, and animal manure) in agriculture and urban soils. Nutrient availability, agronomic application rates, organic farming systems, cover crops, soil quality, water quality, and greenhouse gas emissions. Extension programs in organic nutrient management, organic farming systems, septic systems, climate change, Master Gardeners, and ground water protection. Collaborate with farmers, researchers, agencies, industry, and community groups in identifying, developing, and delivering programs.