Washington State Legislative Update – Week 3

The legislature completed fourth week with Committee cutoff on Friday. Any policy bill must have passed out of its original committee or it is considered dead for this session and will not have any more work done. This marks the midpoint of session; next week will be spent in floor action with both chambers debating the various bills before them.

The House Technology and Economic Development Committee Passed out HB 2176, which allows loans and leases for alternative energy systems on customer property.  Work continues on comprehensive changes to the solar energy incentive program as well as solar leasing programs. If enough agreement and momentum are reached all of the solar concepts are expected to be rolled in to House Bill 1301 and will move forward as a single piece of Legislation. The Issues surrounding both the solar incentive program and the leasing options remain very complicated and it is still unclear if anything will move forward this session.

The High Tech Tax credit bills in the Senate passed out of the Senate Economic Development Committee and are currently scheduled for hearing in the Senate Ways and Means Committee on Monday.  The WCTA Board has taken a position in favor of this bill.

Find the full report with Bill Tracking here.

Prepared by:  Boswell Consulting
Saturday, February 8, 2014