HaloSource Adds LaFata to Marketing Team

HaloSource, parent company of well known SeaKlear brand of  swimming pool and hot tub water treatment products, is pleased to announce it has hired Greg LaFata as the company’s new Senior Marketing Manager for the SeaKlear brand.  Greg will be responsible for introducing new products for the company as well as implementing new strategies to increase consumer brand awareness for SeaKlear products.  Greg brings a wealth of experience having worked for such companies as Procter and Gamble and Philips.    “We are very pleased to add Greg to our team,” says Alex Steele, Marketing Director for HaloSource.  “Greg brings a deep understanding of the retail channel which will help SeaKlear better support its retail customers.  Greg can be reached by email at glafata@halsource.com

About HaloSource

HaloSource is a global company headquartered in Seattle, Washington U.S.A. that develops technologies to disinfect and purify the water we drink, play in and return to the environment.

  • HaloPure® media became the first drinking water technology in 30 years to be registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (“USEPA”). In 2010, HaloPure® media was approved by China’s Ministry of Health (“MOH”) and widely recognized as the world’s most stringent performance requirements for water purification, a key differentiator for our multi-national partners.
  • SeaKlear® Pool and Hot Tub treatment products bring both natural biopolymers and antimicrobial applications for treating recreational water.
  • HaloKlear® products employ natural biopolymers to provide water clarification on an industrial scale with dramatic reductions in ecological impact. In 2013, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) added HaloKlear DPS (Dual Polymer System) as a reimbursable pay item to a list of construction water treatment Best Management Practices. It is the only all-natural, fully biodegradable polymer to be approved for this designation for use in all applicable FDOT projects. The product was also designated by the Washington State Department of Ecology in 2013 for General Use in construction and industrial applications.

HaloKlear, HaloPure, SeaKlear and HaloShield are either trademarks or registered trademarks of HaloSource, Inc. All other trademarks, brand names or product names belong to their respective holders.   More information at: halosource.com