Hydrobee Wins Innovative World Technologies Award at the SXSW V2Venture Competition

HydrobeeJuly 16, 2014, SEATTLE, WA – Hydrobee SPC won the Innovative World Technologies award at the SXSW V2Venture conference and business pitch contest on July 16, 2014 in Las Vegas.

Hydrobee Stream Body - Model“We are glad the judges recognize the huge impact our product can have on people’s lives,” says Burt Hamner, co-founder and President of Hydrobee. The small Hydrobee turbine battery harvests renewable energy from any natural energy source, including water pipes, rivers and streams, wind, fire, sun, bikes and muscles. It puts out USB power for phones, LED lamps, or any USB device. Equipped with a text messaging chip for remote on-off control, the Hydrobee will be sold via Pay-As-You-Go micro-financing so a billion people who live off the grid can have a renewable energy source for phones, lights, tablet PCs, and more.

To see Hydrobee founder Burt Hamner’s award winning 2-minute pitch presented at SXSW V2V, visit http://www.hydrobee.com.
V2Venture is a fast-paced pitch event geared to take the most innovative startups through a rigorous review and rehearsal process before unleashing them on a live audience and panel of esteemed judges. More than 200 companies submitted to present at V2Venture, and five finalists were selected in five different categories including: Education Technologies, Health Technologies, Mobile and Tablet Technologies, Culture and Entertainment Technologies and Innovative World Technologies.

For a complete list of V2Venture finalists and winners, visit the following site: http://sxswv2v.com/news/2014/congratulations-v2venture-winners

About Hydrobee SPC

Hydrobee is a Social Purpose Corporation founded in Seattle in 2013 to develop micro-renewable energy systems for off-grid use. Its first product is a USB battery recharged by a turbine attached to a water faucet, hose or pipe, or floating in a river or stream. Its new product line includes chargers for wind, sun, fire, bikes and muscles. In April 2014 Hydrobee won the national Business for Good contest from the Social Enterprise Alliance. Hydrobee’s founders have experience in micro-hydropower, consumer electronics, medical devices, and international development.

About SXSW V2V

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