Ecova Announces New Fleet Fuel Service to Optimize Fuel Consumption

Spokane, WA— September 24, 2014—Today Ecova, the total energy and sustainability management company, announced that it is adding a new Fleet Fuel Bill Processing service to its Expense and Data Management Solution. This new service will help companies with a fleet of vehicles manage and optimize fuel costs and consumption. With the new Fleet Fuel Bill Processing service, clients have the ability to track, manage, and process fleet fuel cost and consumption alongside other resources, such as electricity and water, from a single solution.

With more organizations deploying many types of vehicles with multiple fuel types, it can be difficult to track and process costs let alone understand broad level consumption. Ecova’s Fleet Fuel Bill Processing supports all fuel types – including gasoline, diesel, natural gas, compressed natural gas, propane, jet fuel and electricity– and aggregates this information along with other resource expenditures and usage data, offering multiple financial and sustainability benefits including:

  • Efficient processing of all fleet fuel invoices from a single solution;
  • Identification and resolution of billing errors;
  • Ability to track and report fleet fuel invoices down to the fuel type; and
  • Enhanced visibility into fuel consumption to support sustainability goals.

“Not only is fuel the largest operating expense for fleets, but companies are increasingly using a variety of fuel types, including electric vehicles, across their fleets. In this environment, it’s crucial that organizations efficiently and accurately capture and manage cost and fuel consumption data,” said Jeff Heggedahl, CEO of Ecova. “Ecova provides a comprehensive solution that can capture all resource consumption data, providing greater opportunity for costs and consumption savings. Our breadth and depth of experience help assure clients that their data is in the hands of a trusted provider.”Ecova offers both the technology and expertise to transform billing data into immediate cost savings. For nearly two decades, clients have relied on Ecova to process and analyze their utility bills. Click here for more information on Ecova’s utility bill processing solutions.