Sign the Washington Climate Declaration

The CleanTech Alliance has signed the Washington Climate Declaration! You can, too!  Here is the text:


Tackling climate change is one of Washington’s greatest economic opportunities of the 21st Century—and it’s simply the right thing to do.

Washington Preamble:  There is a clear and present need for action on climate change to protect our region’s natural assets, its vibrant communities, and its growing economy.  We business leaders of the Pacific Northwest endorse the Climate Declaration because we support using energy efficiently, investing in cleaner fuels, advancing renewable energy, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Starting today, right here, the Pacific Northwest can lead the way.  We can create a healthy climate and a strong, more resilient economy, by fostering innovation, advancing public health, spurring economic development through job creation, and speeding technological advancement through our region.


What made America great was taking a stand.  Doing the things that are hard.  And seizing opportunities.  The very foundation of our country is based on fighting for our freedoms and ensuring the health and prosperity of our state, our community, and our families.  Today those things are threatened by a changing climate that most scientists agree is being caused by air pollution.  We cannot risk our kids’ futures on the false hope that the vast majority of scientists are wrong.  But just as America rose to the great challenges of the past and came out stronger than ever, we have to confront this challenge, and we have to win.  And in doing this right, by saving money when we use less electricity, by driving a more efficient car, by choosing clean energy, by inventing new technologies that other countries buy, and creating jobs here at home, we will maintain our way of life and remain a true superpower in a competitive world.  In order to make this happen, however, there must be a coordinated effort to combat climate change—with America taking the lead here at home.  Leading is what we’ve always done.  And by working together, regardless of politics, we’ll do it again.

As one of more than 100 business signatories, we're excited the support for action on climate change. Read the press release here.

Both companies and individuals may sign the declaration here.