McKinstry Uses Craft3’s Future Energy Fund on Waste Heat Transfer

McKinstry is a 54-year old full-service design, build, operate and maintenance firm. It is a national leader in energy-efficiency design and build for the commercial, municipal and industrial sectors. McKinstry has developed specialized expertise in data center energy management.McKinstry and its partner, Clise Properties, are participating in a ground breaking project that transfers waste heat from the Westin Building data center to the new headquarters of a large online retailer based in Seattle. The waste heat exchange system will provide hot water and space heating in the building, allowing the retailer to save three-quarters of the electricity it would bought for hits otherwise.
Craft3 provided McKinstry with a Future Energy Fund loan to supplement contributions to the project. With generous support from the Washington State Department of Commerce, Craft3 offers loans to help businesses finance commercial energy-efficiency work and renewable energy technology installations through the Craft3 Future Energy Fund.

 Craft3 strengthens economic, ecological and family resilience by providing loans and assistance to entrepreneurs, nonprofits and others whose work helps us strengthen this region we love.
Our investment in McKinstry strengthens economic, ecological and family resilience by supporting economic growth and opportunity, investing in critical industries and reducing impact on climate change.
McKinstry used Craft3 financing to create positive impacts in its community. This green production business leveraged $2.4 million in additional investment, created 26 construction jobs and averted 5,516 metric tons of greenhouse gases.

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