Hydrobee Backup Charger Wins Fourth Award

December 11, 2014: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

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Hydrobee Backup Charger Wins Fourth Award

Judges love innovative cleantech design

SEATTLE (December 11, 2014) — Hydrobee’s innovative design for a backup / off-grid USB charger has won a fourth major award this year. The Global Cleantech Cluster Association, representing over 10,000 cleantech companies, named Hydrobee SPC a Top 30 Cleantech Company for its Universal Backup Charger. Hydrobee received its award December 3 at the 5th European Cleantech Investing Seminar in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Hydrobee has already won awards in the American Startup Challenge of the Kauffman Foundation, the Business for Good contest of the Social Enterprise Alliance and the Innovative World Technologies Contest from the SXSW V2Venture conference. It is also a regional finalist in the Cleantech Open.

"The experienced judges in these contests recognize that we have cracked the code for charger design." says Hydrobee President, Burt Hamner. "This is more than another power gadget. It is both a practical tool and an innovation platform, and our team has global capability to make it a big brand."

Hydrobee is capitalizing on its recognition by crowdfunding its product development on IndieGoGo and offering product discounts to early backers. The company is already a third of the way to its goal as of December 11, 2014. Funds raised will produce the first Hydrobee chargers for delivery in 2015. The latest Update on the IndieGoGo Campaign page lists the key design elements that over 50 judges think make the Hydrobee charger the most versatile and useful ever.

The Hydrobee design allows portable or permanent USB power charging for phones and other gadgets from any local energy source. The can-size device can be recharged by wall power, and energy from rivers and waterfalls, wind, sun, fire, bikes, hand cranks, farm carts or anything else that moves. With its built-in networking card it is affordable by micro-financing to hundreds of millions of people in emerging markets who lack regular electricity and live in energy poverty.

"This is great recognition from international experts who recognize the huge scale of our potential," says Burt Hamner, President of Hydrobee SPC. "Everyone who has home electricity is also concerned about affordable emergency power for phones and LED lights. Most of them can easily afford the Hydrobee. People without electricity but need to charge their phones can afford Hydrobee using micro-financing systems already in place. The global reach of these cleantech associations will help us reach tens of millions of customers who lives will improve when they have their own reliable clean energy source."

More information is available at www.hydrobee.com . Back Hydrobee now on IndieGoGo!

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About Hydrobee SPC

Hydrobee is a Social Purpose Corporation founded in Seattle in 2013 to develop micro-renewable energy systems for off-grid use. Hydrobee’s team members have extensive work experience with leading companies, government agencies and international organizations.

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