At the Hannover Messe: 1Energy Systems

“Germany has been a world leader in the switch to renewables and they’ve had some challenges in the process. Our conversation with Minister Olaf Lies made clear both the opportunities and risks in the German Energiewende. The trip to Hannover Messe has provided an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the European energy markets and to chart a path towards exporting our software here.” Daniel Malarkey, 1Energy Systems

Daniel Malarkey, 1 Energy Systems, and Olaf Lies, Lower Saxony Minister of Economics, Labour & Transport

1Energy Systems provides software solutions that enable renewables to integrate with the grid to help solve the world’s energy problems.

To reach global carbon targets and support new demands from economic development and new sources of load, we must grow our grid-energy ratio to at least 50% by 2050 and to 80% or more by 2100. We must also lower the grid’s carbon intensity to about 20% by 2050 by adding clean power sources. And we must upgrade our aging grid infrastructure for security and efficiency reasons.

1Energy’s contribution to this challenge will be to understand our utility customers deeply and enable them to lead the critical transition of our global energy architecture.

1Energy Systems delivers open-standards-based software that enable distribution utilities to control and integrate large-scale energy storage systems. All 1Energy products comply with Modular Energy Storage Architecture (MESA) standards, a utility-supported communications standard that eases interoperability with utility control and scheduling systems, as well as with energy storage and other distributed energy resource (DER) components from multiple vendors.

Bringing extensive distribution and power systems engineering experience, the 1Energy team also offers design services to electric utilities for deploying energy storage and photovoltaics (PV) on distribution circuits.

1Energy Systems is a member of the CleanTech Alliance.