At the Hannover Messe: EnerG2

 Cynthia Kolb, EnerG2, at the Hannover Messe

EnerG2 develops and manufactures advanced carbon materials to significantly boost energy capacity, power and cycle life in lithium ion batteries, ultracapacitors, and advanced lead acid battery systems.

"The Messe Show in Hannover afforded EnerG2 an amazing opportunity to connect with high-tech potential customers and partners in Europe," says Cynthia Kolb.  "We did all we could to take advantage of this great opportunity.   Thanks to the CleanTech Alliance, our fellow Alliance members  and, of course, the Washington State Department of Commerce!"

Founded in 2003 in Seattle, Washington, EnerG2 has developed unique and proprietary technologies – all based on the central role that carbon plays in virtually all electrochemical energy storage devices. EnerG2 leverages a deep expertise in polymer chemistry to engineer its energy storage materials rather than to rely upon highly variable naturally occurring precursors. This approach leads to greater structural control, improved product purity and an ability to escape today’s energy storage performance limitations. Through its proprietary Carbon Technology Platform (CTP), the company has developed a laboratory-to-factory materials development process that can rapidly deliver customized products to virtually all electrochemical energy storage markets.

 Nick Desimone, EnerG2, working
the Hannover Messe 2015

In addition to enhancing electrochemical energy storage devices, EnerG2 carbons can be tailored for high-efficiency storage of natural gas and hydrogen gas for industrial and automotive uses. The performance of the company’s engineered materials has the potential to dramatically change the way the world generates, uses and conserves energy. EnerG2 has partnered with BASF to accelerate growth in the lead-acid battery and ultracapacitor markets.

EnerG2 is a member of the Cleantech Alliance Washington.