At the Hannover Messe: Flux Drive

Chip Corbin, FluxDrive, at the Hannover Messe

Flux Drive manufactures patented “SmartCOUPLINGsTM” and permanent-magnet Adjustable Speed Drives (ASDs) that provide energy savings and maintenance benefits for a wide range of rotating equipment applications.

The Flux Drive SmartCOUPLING (FSC) is both a soft-start flexible coupling and an adjustable speed device. Designed as a drop-in replacement for other shaft “flexible” couplings, the FSC transfers torque across an air gap by means of magnetic induction. Excessive vibration and torsional forces are nearly eliminated, reducing expensive downtime from failed bearings and seals. Locked rotor current at start-up is also limited, potentially reducing costly utility demand (kW) charges.

For variable torque applications such as centrifugal pumps and fans, the FSC also provides the opportunity for long-term energy savings (kWh). Instead of using throttling valves or impeller trimming on oversize devices, operators can use Flux Drive’s “SmartPOWER” air gap spacers to reduce load speed by up to 50%. With no touching parts to lubricate or wearable elements to replace, the FSC will literally never wear out—resulting in lower overall cost than flexible rubber, grid or gear type couplings.

Flux Drive also manufactures permanent-magnet Adjustable Speed Drives for full dynamic speed control. Both the SmartCOUPLING and ASD are available for Inline and Belt-Pulley applications.

"The Hannover Messe is the world’s largest forum for developing strategic OEM partnerships and I have had great access to potential partners that can transform my business." Chip Corbin, Founder & CEO, Flux Drive