At the Hannover Messe: Helion Energy

Fusion energy is what powers our sun and in turn, our entire environment. It is the process of combining hydrogen atoms to create a helium atom and has the potential to solve the world’s energy challenges and provide clean and safe baseload electrical power.

Helion Energy aims to build the world’s first commercial fusion power plant using its fully electromagnetic pulsed magneto-inertial compression and direct energy conversion technologies. These technologies will efficiently harness fusion energy with fuel derived solely from water.

Andrew Crowder of the Washington State Department of Commerce, and David Kirtley, Helion Energy

A fourth operational prototype currently can heat a fusion fuel up to fusion reactor temperatures and Helion is currently building its first full-scale system. A 50 MW-scale power system is being developed that is suitable for a range of power applications, including modular grid and industrial manufacturing power.

Helion’s technology has won awards from the IAEA, ARPA-E and has completed diligence with leading experts from several U.S National Laboratories. The team is a spin-out of the University of Washington. The technology has been supported by U.S. Department of Energy grant funding, and has private funding by Mithril Capital and YCombinator. Helion is currently assembling a strategic team of power producers, industrial experts and private industrial power users.