Pure Watercraft: What You Need to Know

Pure Watercraft will be one of the 24 presenting companies at the CleanTech Showcase on June 22 in Seattle. Unfortunately, the CleanTech Alliance left them off of a recent email featuring the presenting companies. To make it up to them, we asked Founder Andy Rebele what everyone needs to know about Pure Watercraft before the Showcase. Here’s what he had to say:

As founder, can you describe Pure Watercraft from your perspective?


Pure Watercraft is making boating clean, quiet and convenient by applying modern EV technology to boats. We're starting with an outboard motor, because we can build one power train that helps fulfill the dreams of boaters of many different types, and it's something we can deliver at a price/performance that makes sense.

The clean maritime industry seems to be quite active this year with a lot of emerging companies and innovations. What are some of the biggest innovations so far this year?

There have been some hybrid boat companies that have garnered some attention this year, like Greenline, but so far, boats have lagged behind over-the-road vehicles.

What are some of the biggest issues that still need attention?

Boaters dedicate their precious leisure time to boating, and they want a better experience. They want to spend more time boating and enjoying time with family and friends (which works better if you can actually hear them!), and less time on maintenance and repair. Creating a boat that doesn't require you to get grease on your hands to run it, and that is considerate of the environment, would attract a whole new generation of boaters.

These questions are merely a taste of what’s in store at the CleanTech Showcase on June 22 in Seattle. Don’t miss it; register now.