It’s a Wrap: A CleanTech Showcase Summary

#CTS2015 Twitter Feed Highlights

Ric Cochrane ‏@RicCochrane

Only 10 VC's still looking at Clean Tech and all want $billion exits. Alternative funding necessary — and available. #CTS2015 @wacleantech

Kevin Pedraja ‏@kpedraja

Corporate and strategic investor interest will eventually lure VCs back to clean tech, but it will be a slow crawl. #CTS2015

Alyssa Patrick ‏@LyssyPatrick
@PNNLab announces #smallbiz vouchers pilot funded by @ENERGY Gives #smallbiz access to labs& research #publicprivate #partnership #CTS2015

Anson Fatland ‏@AnsonF

Port of #PortAngeles is poised to become a global leader in #recycling carbon fiber waster. #CTS2015

Kelsey Miller ‏@kelseymillern

Don't miss itek energy out on the pier, the sun is shining out here! #CTS2015 @wacleantech

Alexis Holzer @alexisholzer
It's a good sign that I can barely walk through the #CTS2015 poster session. Love to see idea exchange. @wacleantech @WSUEcoDevo @WsuOC

Justin Park ‏@rpjpark

Dr. Wadia: if we are going to think about clean energy generation in terawatts, we need to change the way we think re: materials. #CTS2015

J. Thomas Ranken ‏@JThomasRanken

Today, 1.3 billion people on the globe don't have electricty. @cnwadia #CTS2015

Steve Litzow ‏@stevelitzow

Between 1977 and 2005, ALL net new jobs were created by companies less than 5 years old #cleantech2015

CleanTech Alliance ‏@wacleantech

Startups are not mini versions of big companies. They are fragile, like toddlers-easily knocked over. @John_Dearie @lovelletters #CTS2015

WSU Economic Dvlpmnt ‏@WSUEcoDevo

Dearie: innovation drives the economy, and #startups drive innovation. #CTS2015 @John_Dearie

 Michael Grossman ‏@FiftyPlusOne

@TheRostrum is in the house talking energy jobs! #CTS2015

The dedicated CleanTech Showcase audience began arriving early – just after 7:00 a.m. – eager to witness the Pacific Northwest’s latest cleantech innovations. The event did not disappoint.

The event kicked off with a panel of cleantech finance experts representing Craft3, the Seattle Angel Fund, Merrill Lynch and the Coalition for Green Capital. The panel shared the highs and lows of current cleantech funding, spanning friends and family, customer revenue, angel investments, debt lending, grants and more. The almost non-existent state of cleantech venture capital was also discussed, sparking multiple Twitter comments from the crowd.

After the panel, attendees split into three tracks of presenting companies. Each company presented 20-minutes on its latest technologies, programs or initiatives. The CleanTech Alliance ensured a broad group of presenters by staying out of the selection process. An independent screening panel reviewed and debated each application before selecting the final 24 presenting companies. A wide array of cleantech innovations were covered, including renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, building automation, composites recycling, environmental programs and even new project financing models.

Fourteen research and emerging company posters were also presented along the CleanTech Showcase exhibition hall, as well as 20 exhibitors. Presenting company and poster session profiles are available.

Dr. Cyrus Wadia, former White House Policy Advisor, keynoted the lunch session. Dr. Wadia talked about the latest efforts in advanced genomic materials within the cleantech market, as well as his take on the latest U.S. energy and sustainability policies. After his presentation, he answered a barrage of questions from the audience. It was amazing to see someone so well versed on cleantech technology and able to offer answers in-depth on any and every topic presented.

John Dearie, author of Where the Jobs Are, and Rebecca Lovell presented the second keynote. Dearie outlined the results of his nationwide focus groups, where he spoke with more than 200 entrepreneurs and startups. The results point to high-growth startups as the dominant driver for new job creation within the U.S. economy.

Dearie offered several federal, state and local policy recommendations provided by entrepreneurs nationwide to help these startups create more jobs. Senator Maralyn Chase and Representative Jeff Morris responded to the presentation, offering a perspective from the Washington State Legislature. Sean Connell also responded as Snohomish County’s Director of Economic Development and Trade.

Close to 10 Washington State legislators attended John Dearie’s presentation, as well as staff from Washington’s U.S. Senators and Representatives. The CleanTech Showcase crowd was able to connect with these policymakers via a closing networking session before the event ended.

The CleanTech Showcase 2015 closed a resounding success. The CleanTech Alliance extends a very big thank you to event sponsors, presenters, exhibitors, attendees and special guests for making the CleanTech Showcase 2015 a resounding success.

Stay tuned for more information on the CleanTech Showcase 2016!