Five CleanTech Alliance Members Named as GCCA Award Finalists

The Global Cleantech Cluster Association named the top 30 finalists for its 2015 GCCA Later Stage Awards. Five of the 30 finalists are Washington State companies and members of the CleanTech Alliance, including: 

  • 1Energy Systems 
  • Demand Energy Networks
  • Impact Bioenergy
  • OutBack Power Technologies 
  • SuperCritical Technologies

The GCCA finalists are mid-to-late-stage companies from a variety of cleantech industries and have a proven track record in their home market, with the goal to expand internationally. Using the Keystone Compact Method, each company was evaluated based on their merits in technological and business acumen.

The Global Top 30 Finalists and the clusters that nominated them include:

  • 1Energy Systems - CleanTech Alliance Washington, Seattle
  • Axine Water Technologies – GreenTech Exchange, Vancouver
  • Blueingreen – ACCA Arkansas, Little Rock
  • Brusa AG, swisscleantech, Zurich
  • Calix - Australian Cleantech
  • Cashido Corp – GTPO Taiwan, Taipei
  • Climote – The Green Way, Dublin
  • Demand Energy Networks – CleanTech Alliance Washington, Seattle
  • Ductor Oy – LADEC Finland, Lahti
  • ebeam - swisscleantech, Zurich
  • Ecotech – ACCA Arkansas, Little Rock
  • Envision Solar – Cleantech San Diego
  • Etalim Inc. – GreenTech Exchange, Vancouver
  • Flux Drive Inc. – China Cleantech Collaboratory, Shanghai
  • ILOQ Oy - LADEC Finland, Lahti
  • Impact Bioenergy - CleanTech Alliance Washington, Seattle
  • Ingenu – Cleantech San Diego
  • Minnovare – Australian Cleantech
  • Nano Nouvelle – Australian Cleantech
  • NovoPolymers - Flanders Cleantech Association, Brussels
  • OutBack Power Technologies - CleanTech Alliance Washington, Seattle
  • Renovate America - Cleantech San Diego
  • REstore - Flanders Cleantech Association, Brussels
  • Rheology Solutions - Australian Cleantech
  • Semios – GreenTech Exchange, Vancouver
  • Streez – swisscleantech, Zurich
  • SuperCritical Technologies - CleanTech Alliance Washington, Seattle
  • True Ten Industrial Co. – GTPO Taiwan, Taipei
  • TSO Logic - GreenTech Exchange, Vancouver
  • Vecor – China Cleantech Collaboratory, Shanghai

The final Top 10 Winners will be announced at the GTPO Green Summit 2015 in conjunction with the 5th GCCA Award Events in Taipei, Taiwan, on November 10, 2015.

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