IntelliJet: More Progress for WA Boating Innovator

Boating innovator IntelliJet Marine, Inc. has completed the Pacific Northwest Cleantech Open Accelerator Program.

“We are excited that our marine jet propulsion technology to reduce boat emissions and increase performance was accepted into the CleanTech Alliance family, which facilitates our conversation with cleantech investors,” said President Jeff Jordan. “We feel we can contribute to solving the global impact of fast boats and ships, in recreational boats, military and unmanned applications. We particularly look forward to working with the electric motor community.”



IntelliJet is an energy efficient and high performance marine jet that revolutionizes marine propulsion through the use of computer-controlled components, following the trend in modern cars and airplanes. The system works with electric, diesel and gas motors, incorporates clean technology and electronic controls, and is applicable to commercial vessels, military ships, yachts, rigid inflatables, recreational boats and unmanned craft.