Call for Energy Security Prototype Solutions: U.S. Army Fort Devens

U.S. Army Fort Devens, TechConnect and NSTXL invite cleantech companies to submit innovative technology solutions for prototype support consideration. Primary focus area for this program include:

  • Energy Security Prototype Solutions for 3400 Area at U.S. Army Garrison Fort Devens, MA

For submission information, please visit: Submissions are due by April 25, 2016.

Energy Security Prototype Solutions for 3400 Area at U.S. Army Garrison Fort Devens, MA:

U.S. Army Fort Devens, located in central Massachusetts, is a scattered site Army Reserves installation. Based on the current state of energy sources at the installation, the Garrison is in pursuit of an energy security solution for the 3400 Area of the installation. Specifically, it is the Government's desire to obtain energy security prototype solutions that have the capability to operate independently for 30 days in the event the electrical grid shuts down.

The 3400 Area is comprised of four (4) main buildings, two (2) out-buildings, and one (1) electrical substation. There is no central heat or chilled water plant. All buildings are served by their own natural gas fired boilers and air-cooled chillers.

Please reference the full Call for White Paper details (linked above), including Attachments 01 – 04 in preparation of your proposed prototype solution, as these contain critical details relating to energy use at Fort Devens. These attachments include: 1) 3400 Area Existing Buildings Information, 2) 3400 Area Ft Devens Map, 3) 3400 Area Electric Mapbook, and 4) 3400 Area FY15 Electric & Natural Gas Consumption.

Please note that the Government's utility provider does not allow the installation to export power to the grid. The buildings generally operate M-F 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.