PNNL Director Dr. Steven Ashby: Have Courage to Invest in Research

CleanTech Showcase breakfast keynote Dr. Steven Ashby discussed innovation in cleantech and clean energy taking place at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) where he serves as the Director. PNNL, a national laboratory of 4,400 employees, is situated in Richland, Washington, where they focus on four key areas: grid, climate, nonproliferation and remediation. They were recently chosen by President Obama to lead the Northwest Smart Manufacturing Hub.

Dr. Ashby stated that PNNL’s goal is to make sure the lights stay on and that we have a clean energy future. He notes that that in order to keep things working, like our lights at a flick of the switch, we must think about what it will be like moving forward.

Dr. Ashby sees events like the CleanTech Showcase as an opportunity to come together, and advised the crowd to have the courage to invest in research and to continue to invent more of these technologies to move us toward a clean energy future.

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