Sightline Institute: Weighing the Critiques of CarbonWA’s I-732

Kristin Eberhard and Alan Durning at Sightline Institute created a three-article series exploring the pros and cons of CarbonWA’s Initiative 732, calling for a revenue-neutral carbon tax to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Sightline has sought to remain deeply engaged but neutral on the issue. The group is working to evaluate competing policy proposals on their own merits and lay out a balanced analysis of the policy itself and of arguments against and for it.

The three-article series includes:

CleanTech Alliance has not endorsed or denounced I-732 and does not endorse the findings reported by Sightline. Our goal is to provide information on both sides to ensure the voting public has all of the information needed to create an informed decision.

Interested in learning more about I-732 and efforts to put a price on carbon in Washington State? The CleanTech Alliance and Greater Spokane Inc. partnered to deliver the State of the Green Economy on September 14 in Spokane. Hear about local and state initiatives related to Governor Inslee’s Cap and Trade Initiative, the University District’s Smart District project, and the I-732 Carbon Tax initiative that will be on the ballot this November. The event will feature a briefing on the status of Governor Jay Inslee’s proposed Cap and Trade program and CleanTech initiatives by Brian Young, Lead for Washington State's Department of Commerce Clean Energy Sector. Additionally, a panel discussion will take a look at the merits and consequences of Initiative I-732 – the Washington State Carbon Tax initiative.