PolyDrop Receives Matching Clean Energy Fund Grant

Groundbreaking materials science Company, with female-led executive team, seeks to increase fuel efficiency of airplanes and automobiles

PolyDrop, a specialty chemical company spin out from the University of Washington, today announced receipt of a Washington State Department of Commerce matching grant. Polydrop is developing lightweight conductive polymers as anti-static additives for coatings and plastics.

The Department of Commerce matching grant will provide PolyDrop opportunities for acquisition of equipment for characterization and testing of carbon fiber reinforced composite components to increase fuel efficiency of airplanes and automobiles.

“We are honored for the recognition and support from the Washington State Department of Commerce. This matching grant will help Polydrop continue on its current path of growth and research and development and, ultimately, provide our customers with the finest lightweight conductive polymers on the market,” said Volha Hreschka, CEO and Founder, PolyDrop.

The Washington State Department of Commerce matching grants are from the state’s Clean Energy Fund to advance research and development of a wide range of clean technologies. The funding awards are conditional, pending execution of performance-based contracts with Commerce.

The Washington State Department of Commerce matching grant follows on PolyDrop’s recent expansion into a new R&D facility in Bellevue, Washington.

To date, industry coating additives, such as metallic based fillers and carbon-based nanomaterials, have been non-transparent and require up to 30 percent weight loadings, which dramatically reduces the integrity and adhesion of the carrier paint or composite. PolyDrop addresses this issue by creating a non-metal, lightweight conductive polymer additive that can be formulated into existing coatings and plastics to transform them into static dissipative coatings or composites.

“PolyDrop is well-positioned to create a new approach for large industrial companies seeking to gain fuel efficiencies and environmental benefits from material science innovations,” said David Smukowski – CEO of SIMCO Holdings Inc.

About PolyDrop
PolyDrop originated inside the halls of the University of Washington and was founded by Volha Hrechka. Polydrop’s material science development process has been patented and is currently integrated at industrial giants of transportation sector and electronics industry. The company has developed an innovative conductive polymer additive for coatings, composites, batteries, marine (anticorrosion), textiles, floor and electronic applications. The flexible Polydrop technology platform opens opportunities in markets beyond antistatic coatings. We are also optimizing additives for active corrosion inhibitive coatings, battery technology, conductive inks and electronics sectors. For more information, please visit: www.polydrop.net