Clean Energy Fund 3 Poised to Continue Impact

CleanTech Alliance is delighted to announce that the Clean Energy Fund is poised to continue its impact as the Washington State Legislature hashes out the 2017-2019 Capital Budget. Governor Inslee initially proposed a $60 million extension, which we supported. The Senate budget proposal includes $30 million to continue the Clean Energy Fund. That proposal now heads to the House.

The Clean Energy Fund appropriations are designed to provide public benefit through development, demonstration and deployment of clean energy technologies that save energy and reduce energy costs, reduce harmful air emissions, or increase energy independence for the state. The Senate proposal specifically calls out clean energy program funding for transportation electrification, scientific research in advanced materials and clean energy technologies, and evaluating closed-loop pump storage hydropower at the John Day Pool in Klickitat County.

“Ongoing legislative support the Washington State Clean Energy Fund 3 is testament to program’s proven economic and job creation results, as well as its impact on our energy infrastructure,” said J. Thomas Ranken, President & CEO of the CleanTech Alliance. “The Senate Capital Budget proposal is a major milestone in institutionalizing the Clean Energy Fund into an ongoing program that will continue to benefit our state, our region and our nation for years to come.”

In addition to the $30 million Clean Energy Fund, the Senate’s Capital Budget proposal includes additional cleantech appropriations across:

  • $5 million for energy efficiency and solar grants;
  • $5 million for the Weatherization Plus Health Matchmaker Program;
  • $10 million for the University of Washington Center for Advanced Materials and Clean Energy Research Test Beds;
  • $52 million for the Washington State University Plant Sciences Building;
  • $113 million for water supply and quality initiatives; and
  • $237 million for recreation, conservation, salmon recovery and habitat protection.

A summary of the Senate Capital Budget is available on the LEAP website, as is the full text of the proposal. The full list of budget proposal updates is also posted to LEAP.

The Clean Energy Fund conversation is not over in the Washington State Legislature. Contact your legislator to voice your support for the Clean Energy Fund. Sample email language is available on the CleanTech Alliance website.