Infinity SAV USA Introduces Magnet Powered Future of Energy

By Gary Tripp
President of Infinity SAV USA


Infinity SAV USA plans to stop climate change an cut electricity costs by 90%. The company is working on a 3kW generator powered solely by permanent magnets. Imagine a new energy source and that consumes no fossil fuels, produces no CO2 and emits no heat or no pollution.
Your first reaction is somewhere between “too good to be true” and “that’s impossible.”
View this two-minute development history video for more information.

The current generator has 250 magnets in the stator and 250 coils of copper wire in the rotor. An electric motor is used to run the generator up to 1,500 RPM and then is disconnected from the floor power. The generator is then self-running and produces 3kW of power indefinitely.
The Law of Conservation of Energy has taught energy in equals energy out. The world is made up of closed systems and open systems. Closed systems are the physical world we can see, touch and feel and the one ruled by the Law of Conservation of Energy. Open systems are the infinitely small and unseen worlds of quantum mechanics and electron spin. The Law of Conservation of Energy deals correctly with closed systems, but it is incorrectly attempting to be applied to open systems and the things we can’t see, like electron spin.


Magnetism is caused by the quantum-mechanical spin of unpaired electrons. Electrons spin forever. Classical physics can’t explain electron spin. We know electrons don't really spin but as physicists say, "electrons maintain their magnetic dipole moments." There is no explanation where the energy that causes electrons to spin comes from.


Past attempts to create an unbalanced system of magnets to power a motor have been thwarted by a known interactive force called “cogging.” Cogging occurs when one magnetic field interacts with and distorts another magnetic field and the two become caught in each other’s field. Infinity SAV USA’s magnetic generator uses the Lorentz Force created by permanent magnets and bifilar coils of copper wire, which appear not to cause cogging.

Infinity does not use opposing magnets, but uses magnets and opposing coils of copper wire to create the Lorentz Force. The Lorentz Force is created when a permanent magnet approaches and induces a like polarity in the coil of copper wire. North induces north. North repels north. This repelling force can be converted to rotary motion by the precise angular alignment of the coils and magnets.

Infinity’s generator prototype has 250 magnets in the stator case and 250 coils of coper wire in the rotor. The coils passing by the magnets create an electrical current and the motive spin force, which in the demonstration video is used to power lights, a fan, and space heater.

Magnets are not a store of energy, they don’t wear out like batteries. Permanent magnets remain magnetic for hundreds of years. Yes, it is possible to build a generator powered by permanent magnets, like the one created by Infinity SAV USA

Magnets are the bridge between the quantum world of infinite energy and physical world of limited energy. We can harness these quantum forces to produce cheap, very cheap, clean energy. Imagine if every home, every motor, and every wheel produced and used its own clean energy.

The Infinity SAV USA plan is to use modern engineering to create a 20 kW standalone generator with a 20-year life to power a house or small business.

Energy rules everything. We believe Infinity SAV USA will be the utility of the future.

Visit our crowdfunding site for more information, or contact Gary Tripp at or 206-383-2245.