Impact Bioenergy Sees Pickup in Demand for Portable Anaerobic Digesters

Impact Bioenergy is experiencing exponential growth in demand for its portable anaerobic digestion systems for hyperlocal transformation from wastes-to-resource. Notably two new systems are in production—one for a corporate campus catering operation and one for a small farm that produces chicken, eggs, and pork. “Domestic and international demand is unprecedented. With our one-hundred-day lead time for delivery, we are now booking out to March, 2018,” reports Jan Allen, CEO. An innovative global system has just been delivered to both Sri Lanka and Panay Island in the Philippines to address the need in developing international markets. In response to this demand Impact has been working closely with Laser Cutting Northwest to scale-up production at their Auburn, WA cleantech manufacturing accelerator. Impact is also forming offshore fabrication sites to serve international markets. The team is currently evaluating capital partners to help position for growth.

Right-Sized Systems – Small is Beautiful

Impact now has a suite of distinct offerings for onsite anaerobic digestion that address initiatives related to zero waste, job creation and the circular economy. These prefab systems are affordable, portable and scalable. By servicing commercial organizations, farmers and municipalities with Impact systems, communities can build resilient food ecosystems. Successful demonstration projects span the following sectors:

Craft Food & Beverage Producers: beer, spirits, wine, cider, soft-drinks, dairy and food processing plants Wholesale & Retail Food Services: restaurants, campuses, food banks, cafeterias and resorts Farm-to-Fork Producers: local producers in direct trade and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs

Fork-to-Farm Services: delivery of probiotic plant food to farms via Community Supported Biocycling (CSB)

Resiliency Services: emergency management and disaster preparedness systems, where renewable fuel, clean energy, organic biofertilizer and water can be stored and dispatched via sustainable bio-resource management.

In March of 2017 Impact entered into a Vendor Leasing arrangement with Lease Corporation of America to enable customers to employ Impact systems without the need for upfront capital expenditure. Impact is fortunate to have many collaborations and partnerships to help support accelerated growth. This includes 18 Distributor agreements—12 covering North America and 6 covering international markets—and 22 strategic partnerships for technology or specific market interests.

Impact Bioenergy Technologies

The HORSE AD25 series and NAUTILUS AD185 series pumpable liquid anaerobic digesters are completely portable ranging in size from 960 to 35,500 lbs. per week.

The OX AD550 series solid-phase continuous flow anaerobic digesters are also completely portable ranging in size from 8,300 to 42,300 lbs. per week. The OX can digest commingled food, paper, wood, and landscape materials.

The Buffalo Biogas System is designed for offshore fabrication and international markets and is sized for up to 6,700 lbs. per week. It is based on the HORSE but is more cost-effective for developing nations.

Impact Bioenergy also has the ability to deliver complementary technologies like inedible food de-packaging, biogas upgrading to renewable natural gas (RNG), composting, plant food packaging, gasification and biodiesel.