Shell GameChanger Innovation Challenge Seeks Game Changing Technologies

Shell GameChanger and TechConnect invite you to submit your innovative technology ideas and/or proposals to address the challenges defined below for consideration for funding and partnership through the GameChanger program.

Shell GameChanger is soliciting early-stage innovative technology solutions and proposals in the following categories for potential funding and partnership opportunities. Proposals are due June 30th, applicants will be notified of interest by July 31st.

  • New Energies
  • Solar Fuels
  • Grids of the Future
  • Digitalization Machine Learning
  • Oil and Gas
  • Safety and Sustainability
  • Real-time monitoring, control, and data analytics
  • Improved hydrocarbon recovery
  • Environment & Conservation – Water
  • Novel Well Technologies
  • Geosciences – Carbonates


Shell GameChanger applies the following criteria for consideration:

  • Novelty – Is the idea fundamentally different and unproven?
  • Valuable – Could the idea create substantial new value if it works?
  • Doable – Is there a plan to prove the concept quickly and affordably?
  • Relevant (Why Shell?) – Is the idea relevant to the future of energy?

Learn more and submit your technology.