Distributed Energy Management Announces Free Summer Program for Qualified Nonprofits

Get Control of Wasteful Utility Expenses Recover Precious Dollars; Free 90 Day Audit and Analysis for Five Selected Nonprofits

Wasteful expenses easily consume more than 30% of your utility budget. This can equal thousands of dollars leaking away. This drain will only get worse as costs rise in coming months. As a nonprofit every penny counts. You know these dollars can better serve your mission.

Nonprofits including the Green River College Foundation and Seattle Children’s Theatre have benefitted. Taking action with our program, we clearly identified their problem areas and structured a prioritized plan. The results:

  • Reduced monthly bills by hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • Lowered maintenance and operational costs.

Free 90 Day Audit and Analysis for Five Selected Nonprofits

This summer, Distributed Energy Management is offering our Discovery Initiative at no cost to five nonprofits. Having helped multiple organizations reduce expenses and manage uncertainty, our decision-support framework brings you transparency, connecting consumption to your productivity.

By removing the time burden from you and providing expertise to create an action plan, we help you shift wasted dollars to productive improvements in short order. Over the 90-day program we will review your current operations, uncover opportunities, and compare it to industry best-practices. You will receive a report and plan including:

  • Consolidation and Analysis of Your Utility Line-items.
  • Customized Decision Support Matrix:
  • Align Your Costs: Set goals, document past projects, uncover risks you face.
  • Innovate Solutions: Turn future utility cost risks into mission supporting investments.
  • Action Roadmap: Organize your activity into action steps with success criteria.

Contact Distributed Energy Management Today: See if you qualify. (206) 462-0331 or nonprofit@de-mgmt.com.  

About Distributed Energy Management

Distributed Energy Management helps you make data-driven decisions with tangible financial metrics, prioritized outcomes, and activity-based costing services that save you money. Our clients range from multifamily housing to food and beverage companies to offices. Whether you are just starting out or have solutions already implemented, we can help you grow your efficiency program to achieve long-term results.