CleanTech Innovation Showcase Recap: Emerging Technology Lightning Round

Jody Rudd Wilson
Principal @ Mighti Co

CleanTech Alliance Contributor

The Emerging Technology Lightening Round at the 2017 CleanTech Innovation Showcase gave seven companies two minutes to highlight their wares. A gong was to sound if the speaker ran over the two-minute mark, though all the presentations were succinct and on time. Ben Rushwald from Seattle City Light moderated the panel with the flair of a stand-up comic.

  • Robert Masse from Cloud Instruments kicked things off with the observation that smart people were using dumb tools, so they began developing smarter better tools to advance cleantech innovations.

  • Gary Scoggins from Washington State University shared a biofuel composition for the aviation industry that can decarbonize jetfuel.

  • John Plaza’s company Membrion has a novel membrane development that has incredible market potential across several applications.

  • Need data to understand the efficiency of your building? Jennifer Lee recommends the Sensor Suitcase created out of Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL).

  • “Sustainability never tasted so good”, says Derick Jiwan for Semplice’s drink made from bioproduct waste.

  • George Hernandez, also out of PNNL, shared how VOLTTRON can offer a one-stop app for the IoT connected home.

  • And Jason Puracal from ZILA Works shared their mandate to capitalize on the renewable benefits of industrial hemp.


The fast and furious Lightning Round was a success for both presenters and the audience, sparking ideas and potential investments. According to Derick Jiwan of Semplice:

“After our two-minute pitch, we were approached by angel investors to help Semplice move to the next level!”

As Justin Park of Romero Park joked, “this being the second year the Innovation Showcase has presented the Lightening Round, it is therefore an annual event”. Yes indeed; well done!


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Jody Rudd Wilson, Principal @ Mighti Co

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