IntelliJet Introduces Fuel Efficient Smart Boats to Curb Emissions

CleanTech Innovation Showcase Presenting Company Recap: IntelliJet Marine

By Nick Montoni

CleanTech Alliance Contributor

Jeff Jordan, President of IntelliJet Marine, detailed the IntelliJet Smart Boat at the CleanTech Innovation Showcase 2017.

Recreational boating is currently plagued by a whole slew of problems. Surprisingly, recreational boating contributes to 1% of U.S. CO2 emissions. By 2040 it will contribute 1.2%, making recreational boating just about the only activity with an increasing share of carbon emissions in the country. Most recreational boating accidents are the result of the propeller, which can injure aquatic creatures and divers, or damage the boat if it strikes rock. Finally, many buyers expect that their boat will handle like a car and are often disappointed when it does not.

The IntelliJet Smart Boat solves these problems. Jeff Jordan and his team were inspired by the military’s SR 71 Blackbird, which utilized a variable inlet and a variable nozzle to end the jet’s dependence on propellers. By applying this technology and completely revolutionizing the engine and propulsion system of recreational boats, IntelliJet has managed to eliminate the propeller, reduce carbon emissions by 30-50%, and improve the handling of the boat for maximum customer satisfaction.

Jordan showed us a video of a working IntelliJet Smart Boat prototype. It handles well, with a sharp turn radius. Jordan and IntelliJet hope to expand this technology to the rest of the boating market, including military, freight, and luxury boating.