TransAlta Centralia Board Funding Seeks Centralia Coal Transition Grant Applications

TransAlta Centralia Board Funding, LLC (the “Centralia Coal Transition Grants”) provides grants to Lewis and South Thurston County businesses, nonprofit organizations and local governments in three areas: to improve energy efficiency; enhance worker retraining and economic development; and seed energy technology projects that improve our environment.

This grant program is funded by TransAlta USA to help the community as it transitions away from coal-fired electric power generation. It is the result of a historic agreement to phase out TransAlta’s coal-fired plant in Centralia, Washington.

TransAlta is a leader in the production of clean and affordable energy with a global team of technical experts committed to excellence. We are also a proud contributor to the communities in which we live and work. With diversified operations that include energy marketing and power generation in the U.S., we have established a solid platform for growth and a reliable service offering for our customers.

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