Perkins Coie Explains Recent EPA Decision on Hardrock Mining

A team of Perkins Coie associates has outlined the implications of a recent EPA decision related to hardrock mining industry.

In the pre-publication decision, the EPA announced that it will not issue final financial assurance regulations under Section 108(b) of CERCLA targeting the hardrock mining industry.

  • The decision came after receiving more than 11,000 comments from individuals, industry, trade organizations, environmental groups and federal, state and local governments and agencies.
  • Although EPA’s decision has been applauded by industry and many congressional representatives, further filings in the current litigation, In re: Idaho Conservation League, et al., No. 14-1149, are likely, as is litigation once EPA’s final decision has been published in the Federal Register.

Read Perkins Coie's full update, which details some comments offered and the background behind EPA’s decision.