Guest Commentary: The Clean Water Imperative

Guest Contributor & CleanTech Alliance Member: Herb Pearse, President of Eco-Tec, Inc. 

Since its inception, the CleanTech Alliance has been a very positive addition to our lives by stimulating our businesses and motivating our population to move forward with a positive environmental mind set.

Clean energy is a necessity as our global population grows and continues to consume our ever-diminishing ecosystem.  The essentials we depend on for survival – food to eat, air to breath, and water to drink – are part  of that diminishing ecosystem, making it continually imperative to maintain a clean environment.

The multiple forms of clean energy in development globally are a major step forward in addressing our need for clean air to breathe, as well as for clean food processing and delivery to the end consumers.  Clean water is both essential to growing food, and preserving the resource we need to drink.

Without water, we as a human species (in a natural realm of many species) cannot survive.  Before the discovery of oil and electricity we survived well as part of nature, and were able to evolve into ever-more complex people in a technologically-advanced society. However, our population is growing by leaps and bounds, making our impact on the natural environment tremendous.  This impact is not only from consumption, but also from the pollution resulting from human contamination.

Most of us do not have to deal with contamination issues on a daily basis other than to take out the garbage. Generally our garbage is filled with “disposable” products that are continually produced for our convenience and dollar savings without regard for their impact on our environment.  Now our oceans are littered with many of these disposable products.

In addition, oil is a major contaminant in our aqueous environment.  Most of us are not “hands-on” with oil spills and generally just hear about them in the news.  Oil contamination has now affected our marine and aqueous environments on a large scale to the point where many species have died off, become diseased or mutated because of oil presence in their food chain.

There was a time when we survived without oil and without electricity but we could not have made it this far without clean water.

It is well past due for us to make clean water a priority focus in our environmental preservation efforts.

Herb Pearse is President of Eco-Tec, Inc., a company that uses recycled fiber to manufacture reusable products. The company’s main product line is ADsorb-it, a material that removes oils and particulates from water that can be used in a variety of ways. Learn more at: