The Global Clean Water Crisis — PepsiCo Expands Its Safe Water Program

Commentary by Jim Conca, Forbes Contributor.  Source:  Forbes, July 11, 2019.

A young girl drinks clean water in Madhya Pradesh, India. Almost 800 children a day under the age of five die every year from unclean water.WATERAID/JAMES MCCAULEY

People want to drink clean water even more than they want to breath clean air.

So it’s a good thing that almost 3 billion people have gained access to clean water over the last 25 years. But current water use, population growth and the effects of climate change have caused two-thirds of the global population – about 4 billion people – to live under conditions of severe water scarcity at least one month of the year. Some of this scarcity has led to violence and conflict, especially in Africa, Southern Asia and the Middle East.

The Syrian conflict was triggered by a years-long drought.

Almost 300,000 children under the age of five die every year from diarrheal diseases caused by dirty water. That’s almost 800 children a day, or one child every two minutes.

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