Washington Clean Energy Fund/Energy Efficiency & Solar Program Schedule Estimates

This is currently the best estimate by the Washington State Department of Commerce on rolling out the competitive processes for the Clean Energy Fund and Energy Efficiency & Solar Programs.  Please note that unforeseen circumstances may change the schedule.  The Department of Commerce is currently working through a number of interpretations that may slightly modify the application open dates.

Competitive Funding Opportunity Application Open Application Closed
CEF Grant to Non-Profit Lenders


6/28/18 7/31/18
CEF Research, Development, Demonstration


7/20/18 10/2/18
Energy Efficiency & Solar


August 2018 October 2018
CEF Grid Mod


September 2018 December 2018
CEF Solar


September 2018 December 2018
CEF Transportation Electrification


January 2019 April 2019

*Note: The span indicated is the entire application process and encompasses multiple phase processes.