Commentary: Supporting Climate Change Solutions

Vertue LabSource: Commentary from David Kenney, President & Executive Director, VertueLab, October 31, 2018.

The just-released report from the United Nation’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says we have a mere 12 years to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40-50 percent. That’s not much time, and the task is both monumental and ominous. But it’s also all the more reason to support innovators developing new technologies aimed at reversing climate change, which is at the heart of VertueLab’s mission.

It is interesting that this year’s winners of the Nobel prize in economic sciences – Paul Romer and William Nordhaus – work at the intersection of climate change, innovation, and global economics, highlighting both the importance of new ideas in generating economic growth and of understanding the links between climate change and economic risk.

We are focused on filling a critical “investment gap” that often prevents new, innovative environmental solutions from ever making it to the market and achieving a scalable impact. By supporting the women and men who are working hard to solve environmental and social challenges like climate change, we believe we can convert modest financial and human resources into massive impact at scale by helping bring new products and technologies to a market that will carry them forward. We invite you to support our programs and investments that are building a brighter, cleaner future. Read more below about the startups we support, and more.