Long-serving Frank Chopp to step down as Washington’s state House speaker after 2019 session

December 4

Marking the close of an era in Washington politics, Rep. Frank Chopp will end his run as the state’s longest-serving House speaker after the 2019 legislative session.

Chopp, D-Seattle, was re-elected speaker for another two years at a Democratic caucus meeting Tuesday, but released a statement saying he will step down early from the leadership position, confirming a long-rumored plan.

Gov. Jay Inslee praised Chopp in a statement, saying “there are few people who work harder and with more heart … He has dedicated his career to lifting people out of poverty and strengthening economic security and opportunity for all Washingtonians.”

House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox, R-Yelm, credited Chopp in a tweet as “one of the last links to a truly statewide point of view. Best wishes to him and gratitude for the great political education he has provided.”

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