Global Fiberglass Solutions Becomes the First US-Based Company to Commercially Recycle Wind Turbine Blades into Viable Products

source: Cision PrWeb, Tuesday, January 29.

On January 8, 2019, the Global Fiberglass Solutions recycling and green manufacturing plant in Sweetwater, Texas began commercial production of its flagship product offering, a manufacturing-grade pellet. From the look of the thousands of tiny pellets streaming from manufacturing machinery at a scale fit for Texas’ Big Country, one wouldn’t initially guess they once made up a massive wind turbine blade. This is how Global Fiberglass Solutions is advancing recycling science – again.

The pellets for sale–under the brand name EcoPoly Pellets—are a thermoplastic fiberglass pellet usable in injection mold and extrusion manufacturing processes. Made from a customized blend of wind turbine blade material, EcoPoly Pellets are made to order for customers based on the requirements of the customer’s own manufacturing process. GFS has initiated distribution options for pellet purchasing and the company is eager to speak with procurement and technical professionals from manufacturing companies interested in a truly sustainable recycled material. This innovation is a major advance in composite materials science to benefit commercial enterprise.

Global Fiberglass Solutions’ recycled manufacturing pellet represents the company’s innovation in repurposing waste material (decommissioned wind turbine blades) into green manufactured products that are commercially viable. Business and consumer interest in this type of material and product is at an all-time high and will continue to grow as the global economy continues to face modern environmental challenges. Deferring waste from landfill and then using it for new, environmentally sustainable products represents a huge win-win for businesses enacting sustainable measures worldwide.

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