Pierce County Healthy Homes Case Study Data Report Released

Source: Washington Department of Commerce, February 15

The case study documents and quantifies client health improvements resulting from the partnership work that included improved client respiratory control, reduced medical visits, client actions to reduce environmental triggers or improve medical management, and improved client and family quality of life.

Among the significant findings were:

  • 86 percent of households reported taking two or more actions to reduce environmental triggers or improve medical management
  • 65 percent of clients reported improvements in control of respiratory conditions
  • One year after receiving services, clients reported four fewer Urgent Care visits, fifteen fewer Emergency Room visits and six fewer hospital admissions
  • 70 percent of clients reported an improvement in Quality of Life measurements

These results are initial indicators of the potential of Weatherization Plus Health to make significant improvements in the health of clients living with asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). We hope to refine our ability to document and measure these impacts through our work in the next six months.

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