The CleanTech Alliance and Foresight Sign Memorandum of Understanding


In a international breakfast meeting with British Columbia Premier John Horgan, the CleanTech Alliance and Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre took a big step towards international cleantech cooperation, hetwo organizations have signed a memorandum of understanding. Jeanette Jackson, Managing Partner, Foresight, and Tom Ranken, President, CleanTech Alliance pledged to work together whenever possible to support one another in our joint goal of hastening the adoption of clean technologies throughout the region and the world.

The CleanTech Alliance and Foresight have agreed to three focal areas of cooperation. Firstly, we will work to advance cross border collaboration and partnerships in the cleantech sector. Secondly, we will explore opportunities to advance joint cleantech research and business development across the region. Finally, The CleanTech Alliance and Foresight will work together on programming, events, outreach, and more, in order find and create collaborative partnerships that will lead to a cleaner world.  Together, we have promised to take steps toward creating this greener world by creating better access to cleantech resources, improving cross border collaboration on energy research, and cooperating to speed clean technology from the labs to the marketplace.

“There is no substitute in business for the power of just getting the right players in the right room at the same time,” says CleanTech Alliance Tom Ranken.  “With work and cooperation, this moves in the right direction at the right time.”

“Technology and sustainability has no borders. The time to act on climate change is now!  We need a robust, global ecosystem with all stakeholders engaged to drive change and investment across multiple sectors to ensure a successful transition to a sustainable future” explains Jeanette Jackson. “This memorandum of understanding sets a new standard for collaboration between Canada and the US in the Cascadia region.  Together, through programming, support and networks, we will ensure everyone from early stage start-ups to international conglomerates have the best opportunities to scale up and transform clean technology adoption like never before.”

So, to our Canadian members and allies, be on the lookout for the CleanTech Alliance at coming events like Foresight TAP program, and to our American friends, please welcome Foresight at our own events.