WA Senate Capital Budget: Clean Energy Fund $17M Less than House

The Senate Capital Budget was released on Wednesday, March 26.  The Clean Energy Transition Fund (renamed from the Clean Energy Fund) is $17 million less than that proposed by the House Capital Budget Committee.

Compared to the House proposal, the Senate proposal is less by:

  • Grid Modernization funding is reduced $2,600,000;
  • Research, Development & Demonstration funding is less in the amount of $4,100,000; and
  • The Non-Profit Lending is reduced by $5,000,000.

The Maritime Blue project is included at $5,000,000 in both budgets.

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory funds are reduced by $300,000.

There is money in the House budget for the Northwest Seaport Alliance and Grays Harbor totaling $5,000,000 that is stripped in the Senate budget.

For the programs that have been priorities for CleanTech Alliance membership, the House has allocated $32 million.  The Senate budget reduces this to $20 million.

The University of Washington CAMCET is in the budget for a total of $29 million ($18.5 million is new).  This is not a Clean Energy Transition fund account.

  Senate (millions) House (millions) Reduction in Senate Budget
Grid Mod 5.1 7.7 (2.6)
RD&D 4.0 8.1 (4.1)
Maritime Blue 5.0 5.0 0.0
Non-Profit Lenders 2.9 7.9 (5.0)
PNNL 8.0 8.3 (0.3)
Northwest Seaport Alliance 0.0 4.4 (4.4)
Grays Harbor 0.0 0.6 (0.6)
Total 25.0 42.0 (17.0)