SnoPUD Community Solar Sales Begin April 22

Everett, WA – Snohomish County PUD’s first Community Solar program officially launches on Earth Day.


Sales of solar energy units for the PUD’s Community Solar program will begin at 8 a.m., April 22. Customers interested in purchasing the 76-watt solar energy units can visit

Each solar energy unit is one-fifth of a solar panel and costs $120. The PUD’s Community Solar program consists of 8,100 solar energy units (1,620 panels), and customers will be limited to purchasing a maximum of 26 panels, or 130 units.

Customers who purchase solar energy units will see a 6-cent per kilowatt-hour credit on their bill equal to the portion of the solar system’s production. In addition, customers will also receive an annual incentive payment provided by Washington state.

Seattle’s A&R Solar is building the solar array, with construction slated to finish next week. Following completion of construction, the PUD anticipates that Washington State University will certify the system by July 30. Bill credits are scheduled to commence after the system is certified.

The solar array, which covers 2 acres of the PUD’s property near the Arlington Airport, will be the main generation source for the PUD’s future Arlington Microgrid. On average, it will generate enough electricity to power approximately 50 homes.