WA State Capital Budget Allocates $32,600,000 for Clean Energy Transition Projects

Correction 3:18 PM April 29

The Washington State Capital Budget, approved by the Legislature on Saturday, April 27, 2019, includes $32,600,000 in funding for Clean Energy capital projects. 

This is the fourth time that the Legislature has included a significant level of funding for Clean Energy projects in as many capital budgets.  In the prior three capital budgets, over $120,000,000 has been allocated—again signaling a strong commitment by the state to establish its leadership in energy technology.

The 2019-21 Capital Budget includes funding for:

  • Grid Modernization:  $6,107,000 (including Northwest Seaport Alliance shore power electrification:  $4,400,000)
  • Research, Development, & Deployment:  $8,100,000 (including Bioenergy: $1,000,000)
  • Loan Programs:  $3,000,000
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory grid scale storage facility: $8,300,000
  • Grays Harbor wave energy:  $593,000
  • Guemes Ferry electrification:  $1,500,000
  • Washington Maritime Innovation Center $5,000,000
  • Total:  $32,600,000

You can find the entire Washington State Capital Budget here.