WA Governor Inslee Announces 100% Clean Energy for America Plan

In the coming weeks, Governor Inslee will roll out a series of climate policy announcements intended to create the most ambitious climate policy put forward by a presidential campaign. This first plan looks to build upon, accelerate, and redefine the movement for 100% clean energy — taking it from the power sector and applying it to new standards for 100% new zero-emission vehicles, and 100% zero-carbon buildings. And this plan takes the proven climate leadership of states and local governments – like Washington state’s new 100% clean electricity law (“the strongest clean energy legislation in the country“) – and uses them as a model for national action.

Specifically, the 100% Clean Energy for America Plan is a 10-year action plan is a roadmap to achieve:

  • CLEAN ELECTRICITY: Set a national 100% Clean Electricity Standard that requires 100% carbon-neutral power — including an end to coal-fired power generation — by 2030, putting America on a path to 100% clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy by 2035.
  • CLEAN VEHICLES: Reach 100% zero emissions for all new light- and medium-duty vehicles, and all buses, by 2030.
  • CLEAN BUILDINGS: Achieve 100% zero-carbon pollution from all new commercial and residential buildings, by 2030.

This is the first policy rollout as part of Gov. Inslee’s comprehensive Climate Mission agenda, in which he has called for an all-out 10-year mobilization to defeat climate change and create millions of good-jobs building a just, innovative and inclusive clean energy economy. His plan, in full, will enable America to meet crucial Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s targets — cutting climate pollution 50% by 2030 and reaching net-zero emissions before 2045, ahead of their “mid-century” target for net-zero global emissions. Over the next month, Inslee will bring forward further announcements on investment in jobs, infrastructure, and innovation; environmental justice and economic inclusion; and ending fossil fuel giveaways.