Jay Inslee Announces Climate Mission Agenda, Part II

Washington Governor and Presidential candidate Jay Inslee has announced the second major piece of his Climate Mission Agenda: The Evergreen Economy Plan. The plan is a “comprehensive vision to build a clean energy economy that will create 8 million good jobs during the next 10 years. The plan catalyzes roughly $9 trillion of investment — with at least $300 billion in average annual federal spending leveraging approximately $600 billion more each year — in American industries and manufacturing, infrastructure, skilled labor, and new technology deployment.”

The plan is the second major policy announcement of Inslee’s Climate Mission agenda — a 10-year national mobilization to defeat climate change. On May 3, Inslee announced his 100% Clean Energy for America Plan, which set 100% clean standards for electricity, new vehicles and new buildings. The Evergreen Economy plan provides the investments in infrastructure, manufacturing and in clean energy deployment and innovation that are necessary to reach 100% clean goals – while creating millions of jobs across America.  

The Evergreen Economy Plan focuses on five key strategies for economic growth:  

  •   Igniting America’s Clean Energy Economy 
  •   Building Sustainable & Climate-Smart Infrastructure 
  •   Leading the World in Clean Manufacturing 
  •   Investing in Innovation & Scientific Research 
  •   Ensuring Good Jobs with Family Supporting Wages & Benefits