Instructor Opportunities at Shoreline Community College

Shoreline Community College is looking for instructors for several courses. You can apply here (Part-time Faculty Pool). For more information, please contact Louise Petruzzella at

The courses that need instructors are:

NRG 162 – Large Building Assessment: Building Technology

4 credits

Survey of large building assemblies, systems and energy efficiency technologies that affect building energy performance.

NRG 163 – Large Building Energy: Methods & Measurements

4 credits

Methods and measurements used for large building energy audits and assessments.

NRG 180 – Building Systems and Blueprint Reading

5 credits

Use and interpret technical drawings and specifications depicting building energy technologies.

NRG 220 – Advanced PV Design

5 credits

Focus in on PV systems compliance with NEC codes & regulations. Emphasis on component selection, string sizing, inverter/module matching, conductor sizing, overload protection, grounding, mounting systems, battery backup. Accurate 3D drawings.

NRG 223 – Battery Based PV System Design

5 credits

Preparation for the complex design requirements of battery based PV systems. Design, code requirements, maintenance, and safety consideration for both utility interactive (grid-tied) and stand-alone (off-grid) battery based PV systems.