Washington State Department of Commerce: Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants Program Awardees Notified

Source: Washington State Department of Commerce, May 31, 2019.

Today, the Washington State Department of Commerce notified successful and unsuccessful applicants to the Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants Program (EE&S). These grant awards will save money for local governments, schools and state agencies.

This year was a very competitive process. A total of 88 grant applications were received for both the Energy Efficiency and Solar programs. Commerce has offered matched funding to 11 solar and 28 energy efficiency projects. Awards are contingent on no successful protests of the award decisions and the execution of a grant agreement with Commerce. More information will be available in a press release next week. As contracts are finalized, more information will be shared about each project.  

The 2019-2021 Capital Budget includes additional funding for this program. As information is available it will be shared on the website here: https://www.commerce.wa.gov/growing-the-economy/energy/energy-efficiency-and-solar-grants/