Keynote Speaker: Eric Beckwitt, CEO, Freightera

Freightera is an Expedia-like North American platform for automating freight shipping and reducing emissions from freight transport. He is a specialist in software development and business automation that came into the world of business after extensive work in environmental leadership and nature conservation. He has successfully arranged funding for, designed, engineered, and managed diverse IT projects, ranging from reports to Congress and the President of the US to global websites for international organizations and businesses for 25 years.

He is an internationally recognized author and speaker on emissions reduction from freight transport.  He wrote “A Green Future for Freight” in the 2016 and 2018 G7 Summit editions of Climate Change: The New Economy.  He was a speaker at COP22, the UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh.  He is the creator of North America’s First Low Emission Freight Marketplace in cooperation with SmartWay and Natural Resources Canada.  Mr. Beckwitt and/or Freightera have been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Inc Magazine, NBC, ABC, and Entrepreneur, among over 300 news sites worldwide. He is the recipient of over 18 grants and awards, including the 2016 Technology Impact Award and 2019 Clean50 Award.