2019 Showcase Presenting Company Recap – “Energy Storage, Transfer and Efficiency” with WHYGRENE Inc.

Presented by Patrick Phelps
Recap by guest-contributor Jose Ortuzar

WHYGRENE is an energy marketplace that seeks to buy and sell energy in an efficient and secure manner. Founder and CEO Patrick Phelps uses the phrase of buy low sell high to explain the economics of his marketplace. Battery owners would use WHYGRENE to buy electricity when supply is high and prices are low and then sell their electricity at peak demand when prices are high. This mechanism is especially prominent in electric grids that have high solar pv penetration, as the duck curve explains when there is peak supply of solar the risk of over-generation is higher yet when the sun sets ramping needs are high as new generation is needed to supply the high demand. Utilities see a benefit to using WHYGRENE as it turns batteries into Virtual Power Plants that they can manage to meet load level and other ancillary services under predetermined rates.