Comment opportunities: Clean Energy Transformation Act rulemaking

Source: Washington Department of Congress, September 23, 2019

Commerce is seeking written comments to help develop rules implementing Washington’s clean electricity law, the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA). Comment deadlines and subjects are listed below. All comments should be submitted by email to

Friday, Oct. 11 – Scoping Comments on Reporting and Compliance: Commerce is seeking comments on the requirements in CETA that relate to reporting and demonstration of compliance by electric utilities. These comments will help set the agenda for the CETA workshop on Monday, Oct. 21 in Wenatchee.

Wednesday, Oct. 30 – Post-workshop Comments on Planning Statutes

Commerce is seeking comments from stakeholders to extend the discussion of potential rules to implement the planning statutes, RCW 19.405.060 and RCW 19.280.030. Stakeholders may wish to refer to the discussion document included in materials from the Sept.18 workshop, the presentations made during the workshop, and the video recording of the workshop. These materials are available on the CETA web page.

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