Low Carbon Fuel Standard: A Briefing

Last week, the CleanTech Alliance Government Affairs Committee was briefed by Kelly Hall (Climate Solutions), Marian Dacca and Cam Lehouillier (Tacoma Power), and Craig Husa (Impact BioEnergy) on proposals to implement a Low Carbon Fuel Standard in Washington. They asked that the CleanTech Alliance endorse the proposal, which is likely to be an important issue in the 2020 Legislative Session. By our rules, an endorsement would be proposed by the Government Affairs Committee to our Board of Directors. The Committee will discuss this at our next meeting on Thursday, October 17 at 3 p.m. All members are welcome to participate in the discussion. Below you will find the presentation made to the committee by Kelly.

Source: Presentation by Kelly Hall, Climate Solutions, September 19, 2019. Comments via email following. Find Kelly’s presentation by clicking here.

“Supporters include a broad coalition,” says Kelly, “made up of public health entities, environmental organizations, automakers, local governments, utilities, and other businesses.”